How Much Does Professional Dry Cleaning Rug Service Cost

How Much Does Professional Dry Cleaning Rug Service Cost?

You likely appreciate the importance of professional dry rug cleaning services to keep your rugs looking their best. To assist you in budgeting for this routine service, this guide analyzes the cost of dry cleaning a rug based on multiple factors. Read on to figure out what you need to consider when calculating your dry cleaning rug cost.

Average Rug Dry Cleaning Cost

The average cost of dry cleaning an area rug typically ranges between $1.50 and $5 per square foot. Essentially, dry rug cleaning involves working a chemical into the fiber of your rug to lift the dust, dirt, and debris, and thereafter vacuuming everything out. Notably, the applicable price for each cleaning exercise will depend on such factors as the size of the rug, the material used, and its style. Let us take a look at these key factors one at a time and find out how much will dry cleaning a rug cost based on each one.

  • Cost Based on Size

The size of your rug is a key factor in determining how much you will pay for the dry cleaning process. For a typical 8ft by 10ft rug, the price ranges between $150 and $600. Smaller rugs of about 5ft by 8ft on the other hand could be anywhere between $60 and $300.

  • Cost Based on Material

Another key factor has to do with the rug material. Generally speaking, synthetic-fiber rugs have the lowest dry cleaning costs while natural fibers have the highest. Moreover, when these natural-fiber rugs are hand-woven, the cost rises further since they require more delicate care during the cleaning process.

Hand-woven wool rugs typically have the highest costs, ranging between $5 and $8 per square foot. Machine-woven wool as well as wool blends are a little lower, ranging from $3 to $7. Synthetic rugs, which are the least expensive and most hardy, cost between $1 and $4. Cotton rugs have a much wider pricing range of between $2 and $8, with the exact price depending on whether they are all-natural or have a synthetic blend. Silk, sisal, and sheepskin are all extremely delicate and can cost anywhere from $4 to $7, with the latter sometimes going as high as $8 per square foot.

  • Cost Based on Weave and Style

The weave and style of your rug also play a role in determining cost. Oriental and fine rugs are delicate and require careful handling and cautious use of cleaning chemicals to avoid potential damage. Ensure that your oriental rug cleaning service provider has adequate experience with this type of rug to ensure proper handling. The typical price range for dry cleaning these rugs is between $5 and $8 per square foot. Some of the other popular styles include the flat weave and Indian weave, both of which fall between $3 and $8 per square foot.

Choose the Right Professional Cleaners

In addition to basic dry cleaning, it may be necessary to incorporate additional treatments to address specific issues with your rug. Getting the right professional to handle this service will ensure that you get the right treatment for your rug at the best possible rate. An expert will go beyond basic cleaning, carefully assessing your rug to recommend additional services. These include rug repair and restoration, stain removal and protection, odor treatment, and even pest control – efforts that will go a long way in extending the life of your rug. Choose the right expert to get the full spectrum of services.

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